September High School Breakfast Menu






Labor Day

5 Honey Nut Cheerios WG Crackers Sunshine Bananas

6 Mini Cinis Choice of Cereal Peaches

7 Froot Loops Cereal WG Crackers Apple Smiles

8 Breakfast Muffin Choice of Cereal Raisins

Benefit breakfast bar Choice of Cereal Pineapple Cup


12 Cocoa Puffs WG Crackers Sunshine Bananas

13 Bagel with Cream Cheese Choice of Cereal Peach Cup

14 Fruity Cheerios WG Crackers Apple Smiles

15 Yogurt and Granola Choice of Cereal

Orange Craisins

18 Pop Tarts Choice of Cereal Fruit Cup

19 Honey Nut Cheerios WG Crackers Sunshine Bananas

20 Breakfast Muffin Choice of Cereal Peaches

21 Mini Wreaths WG Crackers Apple Smiles

22 Banana Bread Choice of Cereal Raisins

25 Lucky Charms WG Crackers Mandarin Cup

26 Mini Breakfast Bites Choice of Cereal Peaches M

27 Benefit Breakfast Bar Choice of Cereal Peach Cup

28 Yogurt and Granola breakfast bar Choice of Cereal Apple Smiles

29 Cinnamon Toast Crunch WG Crackers Cherry Craisins

This institution is an equal employer provider” All of our Breakfast Items Are WG Rich




Menu Subject to Change Fruits, Juice and choices of milk are offered daily


Health and Learning Success Go Hand-in-Hand




  • Look for the whole grain stamp on the

front of packaged food items.

  • Try a new breakfast cereal with at least 16

grams of whole grain per serving.

  • Serve whole wheat pasta instead of white


  • Serve brown rice instead of white rice.

  • Swap potatoes for a whole grain side –

quinoa, bulgur, or wheat berries. For more

  • information and WG recipes go to:

  • grains-101/whole-grains-z






Give your child a healthy start!


Mornings can be rushed, but it is important to make time for breakfast.



Children can benefit from the School Breakfast Program! Studies show that school breakfast can improve test scores, make kids more alert in class, and improve classroom behavior. Make sure your kids start the school day with a healthy meal.